Thermal Highway in Grenergy Motor

Conventionally, the failures of the electric motor are mainly due to the heat accumulating on the electric copper wires of the stator in the motor and eventually burnout. The heat accumulation is because there are some barriers in the thermal path for heat transferring from the electric wire to the outside of the motor. Grenergy’s solution for overcoming the heat piling up problem is to build a thermal highway.


Grenergy reshapes the structure of the stator and insulator sheath for electric wire winding, and high thermal conductivity epoxy is applied to encapsulate electric wire with the stator, which improves the direct adhesion of electric wire to magnetic steel significantly.

The thermal barriers between the electric wire and magnetic steel are completely eliminated and thus thermal highway is formed. After intensive tests, Grenergy’s motor shows 70℃ lower than the conventional BLDC motor.

Thus the motor with a thermal highway is named hyper-cool motor.


Grenergy Patented Motor Test

Detailed specifications

Motor Type

Permanent-magnet synchronous motor

Stator Qty.


Pole Qty.

8 (IPM)

Rated Power

1.2 KW

Output Power

1.85 KW

Stator OD / Hight

130 / 40 MM

Stator/Rotor Volume

530 cm³

Output Power Density

3.49 KW/L

Copper Wire Temp

52℃ (1.2KW Output)
80℃ (1.85KW Output)


Motor Spec.: OD 130 (310 VDC, 1.2 KW, H40, 8P12S)


Test Condition: power input 2200W@2000RPM; fan cooling@speed 2.4m/s

※ Motor without epoxy
※ Motor with regular epoxy
※ Motor with Grenergy patented structure & TIM



  • The temperature of the motor with regular epoxy can be reduced up to 30 ℃
  • The temperature of the motor with Grenergy’s patented structure & TIM
    can be reduced up to 60 ℃



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