Multi-function Aerator

One machine replaces multiple machines.

It can pump 60 to 120 tons of water per hour.

Taiwan Patent

The pumping depth, spraying height, and angle are adjustable.

Pumping Depth

The water depth for pumping can be adjusted according to the length of the water pipe (1-3m).

Spraying Height

The spraying height can be adjusted according to the rotation speed (0.5-1.5m).

Non Toxic

Reduce the concentration of toxic gases in the fish pond.

Adjustable Speed

Ouput 600-2000w(@400-2000rpm)

Dissolved Oxygen

Effectively increase oxygen dissolution by 3-5ppm.

Input Voltage (VAC)

3Ø 220, 3Ø 380

Power Output

600W ~ 2000W

Motor Efficiency


Motor Speed

400 - 2000 rpm

Motor Weight

13 kg

System Weight

20 kg

Water Flow Rate

50-150 ton/h

Spray Height

0.5 - 1.5 m

Water Absorption Depth

1 - 3 m

Input Voltage (VAC)

1Ø/3Ø 220, 3Ø 380

 Power Output

3000 W

Controller Weight

1 kg

Protection Functions

Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Phase Failure Protection, and Lightning Protection.

Control Methods

Sensorless Control


Upon Request



Motor Weight

12 kg

IP Rating


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